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What is Affiliate Marketing


So many people are starting blogs today without actually knowing how to make them profitable.

Many of them think that if they get popular enough, the money will just come.

That’s just not true, so I’ve decided to shed some light on the most effective way to create a profitable blog.What is Affiliate Marketing?

In the mid 90’s a guy named Jeff was selling books online, but he wasn’t selling enough.

He needed a way to sell more and he knew he couldn’t do it on his own.

After asking around, he decided to pay other website owners a percentage of whatever they helped him sell.

He did so by creating a special link for each person. Each link had a unique ID attached to it that told Jeff exactly who to pay.

This was the idea that brought affiliate marketing to the mainstream web.

Founder and CEO of Amazon.comEver heard of Amazon?

Our pal Jeff is actually Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com.

Amazon was the first affiliate program online and to this day, it’s still the largest.

If you ever bought anything from Amazon, chances are you bought it from an affiliate.

Today, companies like WalMart, Target and even Netflix use affiliate marketing to promote the products they offer.

Just about every product you can think of can be sold online, through affiliate marketing and almost every company has an affiliate program.How it Works

Affiliates are also known as ‘publishers.’

As an affiliate you publish information online about the things you’re helping to promote. Affiliates are not salespeople.

You don’t have to be good at sales because you’re not selling anything. All you’re doing is giving information about what it is you’re promoting.

For example, if you have a blog about traveling, you might blog about the best types of suitcases.

You would explain some different types of suit cases and let the reader make a decision to purchase or not on their own.

You don’t have to try to push your readers into making a purchase.  That’s why so many people like affiliate marketing.

How You Get Paid

Affiliate marketing is the most effective and most legitimate way to make money online.

It’s effective because you choose what you want to help promote. You don’t have to try and find the most popular or most expensive products.

You take something you’re passionate about (maybe a hobby) and you blog about that.

As long as you’re interested in it, that interest will show and readers will want to buy from you.

As an affiliate you get your own unique ‘affiliate ID’ when you join an affiliate program like Amazon’s.  That ID is placed into your special link.

When you blog about it, you put that link in your blog and when people click it, you get paid.

Affiliate marketing is simple, even I learned it. When I started, I didn’t know anything about computers or the internet.Here’s a little secret…

When I started in affiliate marketing, I didn’t even know how to create my own FaceBook page.

You don’t have to know about that stuff either, you can learn the way I learned from the same people that taught me, for free.

If you have any question leave them in the comments below.


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