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What Is Black Hat SEO?


Over the weekend, I have received a couple of questions from our readers, which I would like to answer in a series of posts. The first of which is a question coming from Karen, a newbie of SEO. She wants to know what is Black Hat SEO.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat Search Engine Optimization is any tactics of SEO used to boost the rankings of the sites. The term “Black Hat” in Search Engine Optimization is coming from the old cowboy western movies where the good guys wore white hats and the bad guys wore “Black Hats”. This technique is used in order to get higher search rankings in an unethical manner. Black Hat SEO breaks search engine rules and regulations, creates a poor user experience, and presents the contents to search engine spiders and search engine users in an unethical way, may it be visual or non-visual.

This tactic is not acceptable to the SEO community. If your website is found having this technique, you will be penalized by search engines and they may even ban your site. This may cause your site to gain high rankings, but only in a short while. This will even cause you long term problems. Since Black Hat SEO’s sole purpose is to boost rankings, other web developers create sites that are less informative but is rich with keywords or full of seo techniques, thus made their site get higher search rankings than those sites that have full of information and really do have much more to offer to the readers.

What Are The Black Hat SEO Techniques That Should Be Avoided?

Some people create sites that is packed with long lists of keywords. They put nothing in the site but keywords and phrases usually typed by the users for searching. This is called Keyword Stuffing. Avoid creating a site that is full of keywords and full of awkward phrases that are uncomfortable to read. This will get you penalized by search engines. Some web developers, in order to gain high rankings, put keywords that are hidden.

They put keywords with colors that are the same as the background. Having Invisible Text may attract searchers and search engine crawlers but this is not an ethical way. Another Black Hat SEO technique is the Doorway Pages. This page is built for the purpose of ranking well in the search engines. This page has no real content but is either linked to or will automatically direct you to the real destination page. This fake page is purely for search engine spiders. This attempts to trick the spiders to index the site higher.

Spamming is almost the same as the doorway pages. When the users get there, there is a bunch of ads or listings of other sites. It’s either the webmasters are paid by the advertisers, or it is just a doorway the page you really want to go to. There is also what they call Link farms. This involves forums devoted only to bringing sites together for the purpose of just linking. This increases the sites link popularity and page rank. Link farming also happens they list websites, that are not relevant with each other, and hyperlink those to one another. There is also this Black Hat SEO that shows a web page to the search engine crawlers, but then shows a completely different page to real human visitors. This is called Cloaking.

What To Do?

Black Hat SEO is really tempting. Besides, these tricks really do the work. It does magic in gaining high search ranking. But this isn’t going to go long time. Search engines will eventually find out that your sites are using these techniques, and eventually this same sites will be banned, which means that your site will be removed from the index; or your site will be penalized – meaning, you will have your rank reduced. Black Hat SEO is a short-term solution to your site ranking, but it will cause you long-term problems. This isn’t worth the risk, right? It still is good to use White Hat SEO. Use the right search engine optimization techniques to get your site to rank higher. Avoid Black Hat SEO.R


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