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What’s a Blog?


If you’re new to the Internet, or if you’re into Internet marketing, you’ve probably heard that blogs are the bomb, but you may not know what they are. We’re going to solve that issue right away. “Blog” is short for “Weblog” and it’s rather like a journal.

You can write anything in it that you want to write, add pictures and even video or sound. There are no editors, no censors (unless your blog is on a hosted server rather than your own), and you can let it all hang out. You can write about anything from allegators to zebus and be part of the fun.You can have a blog hosted on your own server or it can be hosted at places like WordPress.com or Blogger.com.

Yet, it’s better to have your blog on your own account because then, you can do anything you want with it. You can add pictures, sound, video, banners, whatever. It’s best not to get too carried away. Still a little Google AdSense is always good for a few bucks a week. What you should do is to provide great content and link to the peoducts you review so that people can further explore your recommendation. Loyal readers will trust you and be interested in what you’re discussing in your blog.Of the self-hosted blogs the most preferred format is WordPress, which you can download from WordPress.org or if you have hosting with cPanel control panel, you can very easily install a WordPress blog through Fantastico.

Then, you can decide on your template. There are thousands of options and most are free, though you can pay for a theme, if it suits your purposes better. Just be sure to check your blog out in both Internet Explorer and Firefox because both browsers are used so heavily and Internet Explorer tends to do strange things to some templates.After you’ve decided on a style, and if you’re in the blogging side of things to make money, go and apply for a Google AdSense account.

When your blog is approved, you can place these pay-per-click ads on your site. The advertisers pay for each click that the AdSense ads receive and you get a percentage of the income. Some WordPress templates already have AdSense installed and you can just change your user ID number for it to work. Also keep this in mind when choosing a template.But the thing to remember is to have fun with your blog. It’s best to stick to a central theme and write all your posts around it.

So, if you’re writing about dogs in your blog, don’t go off on a “What I ate for breakfast” rant or people won’t appreciate it. Those kinds of whiny blogs are not heavily trafficked, anyway. If you want to have that kind of a blog, separate it from the dogs and let them make money.What is so great about blogs, if you’re in Internet marketing, is that you can get tons of traffic to your main website from your blog, if you follow a few little tricks that I’ll be writing about next time


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