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Why No One is Reading Your Blog


You’ve written a lot of posts, taken the time to find/create pretty cool featured images, yet your traffic barley creeps over ten visitors a day! I know from personal experience, it can be a crushing feeling, but only if YOU let it. Rather than let it keep you down, look at it as an opportunity to create a better experience for your readers! Here are a few reasons your why your blog may not be getting the traffic it deserves and simple solutions to fix it!

1. Content Over Everything:

Why do people visit blogs? It’s because they product amazing share-worthy content! Keep in mind, content isn’t solely limited to text. It includes graphics, audio, video and photography. After you’ve created your content, depending on the type: read over it, edit it, spell check it and make sure it flows. Also take the additional 5 or so minutes to incorporate SEO. When you take the time to publish amazing content the traffic will always follow! For more on content check out our Killer Mini Course: Content Is King.

2. Have You Defined Your Ideal Reader?

Who are you writing for? Writing for everyone can often be the same as writing for no one. Make sure you establish who your blog is intended for. Do you hope to attract fashion lovers? Travel enthusiasts? Sports fanatics? Whoever it is, make sure it’s very clear who  you’re intending to attract.

3. Engaging:

Are you taking the time to engage with your readers? What about other bloggers? No? No Bueno! Take the time to reach out to people on your niche. Not only will you have the opportunity to meet some amazing and talented people but it can lead to other opportunities like collaborations. Engaging lets people know you’re out there and that your blog exists. All bloggers appreciate comments! You can’t expect people to comment on your site if you won’t do the same for others. One way you can engage with your readers is by taking the time to thank them for taking the time to visit your site or for sharing your content.

4. An Unorganized Site:

If your site isn’t organized, it’s going to make it extremely difficult for people to find what they’re looking for. Keep in mind, if they have to “look for it” you’ve made things a little too difficult. Make sure your content is organized. Utilize categories and tags. Think of them like a virtual filing system for your posts!

5. Design:

I think this one is the most important things to consider behind content. Design really does matter. If your fonts are too light or difficult to read people won’t want to visit again. Remember, don’t make your readers work for it. The same can be said regarding the color palate you select. Colors evoke an emotional response. Make sure you take your selections into consideration as you design your site! For more on design, check out our Killer Mini Course: Design.Bonus:Social Media: If you’re not taking the time to post your blog’s content to social media, you’re definitely missing out. Social media gives you a great opportunity to reach people who otherwise may have never had exposure to your blog or brand. I encourage you to not only share your own content, but make it easy for other people to share yours as well!


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