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Your Android TV Box: XBMC And Why It Matters


If you’re on the lookout for an Android TV box, XBMC is one media tool that will greatly expand the utility of the device. After all, an Android TV box with XBMC is capable of doing so much more – from impeccably playing stored movies to accessing live streams from sources all over the world.

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So let’s get down to business: what exactly is XBMC, why does it matter, and what can an XBMC-supported Android TV box do for you?

The History of XBMC

Before there were Android TV boxes, XBMC started out as a media player for the Xbox gaming console. This media player was designed to play movies, music and the like on the Xbox – which at the time was not as common a feature for gaming consoles as it was today.

This media player was known as the Xbox Media Player (XBMP). It was open-source, meaning people with the knowledge could tweak its systems at will. Time passed, and the Xbox Media Player morphed into the Xbox Media Center (XBMC). This new platform was more stable and more robust than its earlier counterpart – capable of accessing compressed file archives and support for other media players.

XBMC eventually became a recognizable brand in and of itself; transforming into the XBMC Media Center. This signified its growing role not just as a media player but as a launching platform for other software, such as streaming services and media archiving services. Soon enough, the team behind XBMC split into two: one developing media players for the Xbox consoles and the other a stand-alone version for all sorts of devices – like the XBMC Android TV boxes out in the market.

XBMC saw itself rebranded once more into “Kodi” when version 14 came out, although plenty of folks still refer to it as XBMC.

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It is usually a good idea to go for pre-installed XBMC on your Android TV box. XBMC can also be manually downloaded and installed on your TV Android box, if it hasn’t already. You can pick the most recent version, Kodi, if you want, although you can opt to install older versions from various archiving sites around the Internet.

The Benefits of XBMC

So what does the software do when it’s installed on your Android TV box? XBMC can handle quite a lot, actually, with some of the more notable features including:

  • Play audio and video files of all sorts, from Blu-ray movie discs and movies stored on flash drives to podcasts and iTunes.
  • Download cover art, metadata and similar information related to a media file you have stored on the device.
  • Customize the appearance to better suit your tastes and/or reflect your personality
  • Remotely control the content from a separate device, like your phone, tablet or PC you are using at the moment.
  • Play live TV either from a set-top box that are usually used by cable companies, from a DVR or from an online source that you can access using a wired or wireless Internet access point.
  • Support for add-ons that expand the functionality of your Android TV box. XBMC supports such

The Main Draw

XBMC TV boxes are popular mostly for their ability to draw live feeds from all over the world, from Twitch feeds featuring gameplay videos and gameplay commentary to Hulu for when for those with a hunger for live TV.

This has been made possible by XMBC’s support for all sorts of add-ons, some of which are versatile enough to even emulate old Nintendo games. Easy video streaming, however, is the feature that makes XBMC a must-have for anyone owning an Android TV box. XBMC is one media platform you definitely need to install not just on your TV box but on virtually any device you have on hand!

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