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3 Tips to Managing Multiple Blogs


Having been working on a couple of blogs recently, I started having trouble finding enough time to work on all of them each day. Admittedly, I try to follow the traditional practice of updating a blog every day to keep its content fresh. Keeping your content fresh helps to attract new readers and retain the current ones. However, without the comfort of a writing team behind you, managing anything more than a single blog can sometimes be overwhelming for most people.

I faced this problem and tried a few ways to determine which method best suited my schedule and working/writing tempo. While I have not found the perfect match, there are a few tips I use to smooth the whole process. If you also have multiple blogs or are deciding to venture into it, you could find the following useful.

  1. Decide on the posting frequency for each blog

It was practically impossible for to post at least once a day for each blog, since I do everything myself. I tried but it just did not work out. So I sat down and listing down the blogs I had, decided on the best posting frequency with the resources I had. The factors I used – the blog’s niche, present readership and demand, the targets I have for each blog within a certain time frame, and how much material I can come up with. Say you have a blog about sports or entertainment – there is a ton of news for both everyday so lots to write about (easy too). The target audience are also ones who love to keep updated constantly so it should influence your decision to post every day or not. If you start a blog on hotels, there might not be a need for that. Another factor was essentially personal. I wanted to put aside time every few days to take a breather and re-evaluate periodically. It would mean not posting deliberately. While this could lose me a few readers who are picky about this, being able to last the pace and still be around in 6 months’ time was more important.

  1. Prioritize other related daily tasks for each blog

Other than writing content, you need to work on other blog-related tasks such as marketing, networking, visiting other blogs in the same niche etc. This was the tricky part as these are often time-consuming. When I started this blog, I spent a huge amount of time in these areas. It made me wonder if I could really manage multiple blogs. But I was over-doing it, in my opinion. You either race to the line or go slow and steady. I had to adopt the latter since I did want several blogs. The next step was to work on how much time to spend focusing on each area for every blog. You do not have to do the same thing every day. You could leave comments on blogs in a particular niche for day 1, and another niche for day 2. It can get a little crazy yes and is not for everyone, but oh! What variety!

  1. Re-evaluate constantly and re-schedule accordingly

You will certainly need a predefined target for each blog that you start. But it would not hurt to re-evaluate these targets constantly. If you have been putting a huge amount of time into a particular blog but results are not as forthcoming, short of giving up totally, it would not be a bad idea to manage the time and channel some of it to another. This might result in the other blog gaining a sudden increase in readership by posting more. It is all part of the process of experimentation, so do not get tied down by your targets. Be flexible. Remember, time is the commodity in shortest supply. If you are already spending a lot of time on one blog, it might be wise to get the hang of it first before starting another. Or you need to be extremely good at juggling, prioritizing and managing them. I took the plunge and while things are starting to settle down now, at the beginning it was often in over my head. You also need to factor in the possibility of unexpected situations happening that will affect your planned schedule.

Sometimes, certain issues need to be taken care of first. That is basically it for me in terms of how I manage my few blogs. I am still tinkering with the idea of getting external help but it would probably depend on the direction they are heading in a couple of months’ time. I have always been more of a solo artiste but that will change as I expand on my ideas. If you are still having trouble managing multiple blogs but want to stick to it, hiring more help would be a good idea while working out a more manageable schedule.



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