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Why responsive design?

Why responsive design? In the current age of digital revolution, there are many devices with different screen sizes. This increases an additional layer of complexity for web development. A web application now has to present a similar experience across different devices. To solve this problem, it needs a design solution .This solution is termed as […]

Trading Gold Online

Trading gold online can be pretty simple and easy especially if the steps are taken. Just like other precious metals like silver, gold is considered as a form of currency in the foreign exchange market. And as expected, trading gold online is electronic and so is other currency forms and even oil. Basically, trading gold […]

Go pro with your own email address

It’s time to face facts: the only people who look professional with a Gmail address are those who work at Google. If you don’t believe us, think back to the last time you were stuck behind a plumber’s van in slow-moving traffic. It was almost certainly plastered with mobile numbers, and probably a  webmail address. […]

The British malware that tracks political activists

Around the world, dictatorships are using malware to track and arrest political activists, journalists and others who disagree with them – and the software in question was sold by a British firm. FinFisher is a piece of malicious software that sneaks onto a target’s computer and lets spies read emails, watch Skype conversations and snoop […]