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Snabbt.js: A minimalist JavaScript animation library

Snabbt.js is a minimalist JavaScript animation library that offers 60FPS animation, even on mobile. It’s lightweight (less than 4kb minified and gzipped), and simple to use. Homepage: http://daniel-lundin.github.io/snabbt.js/index.html GitHub: https://github.com/daniel-lundin/snabbt.js Docs: http://daniel-lundin.github.io/snabbt.js/index.html#usage Demo Page: http://daniel-lundin.github.io/snabbt.js/index.html#demos

Recreate Instagram Filters With CSS – CSSGram

30 Funny CSS Puns

Welcome to the 99% club. Rule No. 1 of married life The only man who ever won an argument with his wife Ninja! Simplest form of ghost When Eminem is speaking Don’t mess with Bruce Banner How Kim Kardashian makes the headlines Mario’s secret You have failed this city! Autobots, roll out! “Good artist steal, […]

20 jQuery Plugins [November 2014]

1. jQuery Autotab 2. jQuery Face Detection 3. ClockPicker 4. Mega Site Navigation 5. Tic Tic 6. CaptionerJS 7. Slider Pro 8. jQuery Ripple 9. jQuery Custom Form 10. Canvas JS 11. Divas Cookies 12. Validator 13. Brick 14. jQuery Panelizer 15. jQuery UI Slider Pips 16. jQuery Seat Charts 17. NotifyMe 18. jQuery Circular […]

Resource: Sass-based Grid Systems

Resources Gridle Features: responsive, 12, 8 or 33 columns. Susy Features: fully adaptive. Bourbon Neat Features: lightweight, mobile-friendly. Sassaparilla Features: flexible, better typography. Unit Grid Features: 10 columns, gutters. Lemonade Features: quick setup. Zen Grids Features: responsive, limitless layouts. Flint Features: flexible. Base Features: responsive, support across various devices. Singularity Features: basic grid, responsive grid. CSS Smart Grid Features: Mobile-friendly. Unsemantic […]