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45 Creative WordPress Designs

You all know WordPress is the best blogging platform. It is used by 23.4% websites globally. It’s the most popular platform out there and you should use it because it’s easy to manage, easy to find themes and plugins for it, most of them are free, but if you need premium themes and plugins don’t […]

Starting out with WordPress

The question that I’m most regularly asked is: “What is the simplest and cheapest way to produce a professional-looking website?” This generally leads to questions on my part about what you’re trying to achieve, how much time you’re willing to put in, whether you’d be better off outsourcing it, and so on. Increasingly, such discussions […]

Apple Retina Images in WordPress

It seems that the new Apple has greatly affected how websites look and, above all, how you should setup a blogger blog so that your content is displayed correctly. The thing began with the arrival of the iPhone and the iPad, forcing everyone to redefine the width of the pages of each website to be […]