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How Social Media Is Influencing Business Decisions Of Different Businesses


This is the day and age of social media. No matter what part of the world you live in, you would have been influenced by social media. News travels from one part of the world to another in a matter of a few seconds. News is a small thing. Even political movements have been influenced by social media. You can take a leaf out of Obama’s presidential campaign or the Arab uprisings, both of which were significantly influenced by social media. This is great news for social media and online marketers as well as the whole ecommerce industry as a whole. People have finally realized what social media brings to the table and with the right strategies, it can add a whole new dimension to businesses. Here are some examples of businesses which put social media to good use:


FlipKart (India)



India has always been a technological hub of Asia. Ventures like Flipkart are regularly popping up. Flipkart is one of those few companies which have had massive success in a relatively small span of time. Its success can be attributed to its social media marketing activities. Apparently, Twitter is the way forward for Flipkart. It uses the platform to engage with Indians and offers great deals for online shoppers. With around 500,000 followers on Twitter alone, Flipkart is showing traditional companies how to put social media to good use.

(Pakistan) Shan Foods


Shan Foods is a manufacturer of spices. It is widely sold all over Pakistan as well as overseas. Even though the company is traditional in nature, it recently launched an ad campaign on its Facebook page which went viral and earned praise from all quarters of the world. This was the first time that digital marketers hit the nail on the head. By using the right elements of emotions, Shan managed to send its message across to the masses.


Kaymu (Bangladesh)


Kaymu is one of the leading online marketplaces in Bangladesh. Known for having thousands of sellers selling numerous products, it is frequently cited as one of the best online shopping websites in Bangladesh. A huge part of Kaymu’s success comes from its digital marketing activities, especially on its Facebook page. The marketplace regularly engages with its potential customers through a series of online competitions and activities.

Ikman (Sri Lanka)



Ikamn.lk is one of the few marketplaces in Sri Lanka who are relying heavily on Facebook to engage with customers. With almost 500,000 followers, Ikman regularly interacts with potential customers through various Facebook posts. A classified in nature, you can buy or sell electronics, vehicles, properties, and different services at the website.

These were some of the leading examples of successful companies and ventures in different Asian companies who have put social media to good use for infographics please check infogr.am. Be it traditional, brick and mortar stores or online ventures, social media is a powerful tool whose power is slowly being realized by all the leading companies worldwide. This is the reason why we see several company pages on Facebook and Twitter actively engaging with people online.


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