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How To Write Better and Get Published More


A great way to make money online is to write articles that can then be sold and published. Doing so will increase your visibility and marketability as a writer, contributing to other areas like article marketing. Other advantages include creating backlinks and traffic generation for your sites through your popular articles. So, what can you do to become a better writer, and in turn get published more? What are the steps you can ensure to boost the popularity and readability of your articles?

  1. Inject your personality into your writing

Nothing is more boring than to read something which is cold, faceless and out of the pages of your physics textbook. By injecting your personality into the article, it will bring more life to your words and make them jump out from pages, while readers will be able to identify your writing from others’.

  1. Sprinkle dashes of humour

This might not come easy for serious individuals, but even dry sarcastic wit can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Take note not to overdo it though, as you want to be taken seriously for your writing abilities without coming across as a clown.

  1. Read, read, read

If you want to write well and a lot, you need to know much more on your area of focus and even beyond. That can only come from reading relentlessly. Spend at least half an hour a day reading. It could be anything – a book, the day’s papers, a magazine or your favourite blogs. When reading, pick up new ideas, and write about them. Read more, learn more, and you will write better. Can’t set out the 30 minutes a day to do so? How about in the bathroom, on the subway, or while having lunch? There is simply no excuse for not having any time to read.

  1. Practice writing daily

Studies have shown since humans came into being, that to get better at something, you have to keep doing it repeatedly. Case in point – most bloggers started out without a clue, but those who stuck at it and wrote regularly are the ones still around in the blogosphere. They are also the bloggers who get read frequently. Doing so will also help you develop your own writing style.

  1. Write widely

Unless you are a fiction author, otherwise it is a good idea to get out of your niche once in a while and try your pen at other areas. Why do this? To prevent yourself from getting into a rut, writing-wise. If I were to blog about blogging every day, I might start rehashing the same content subconsciously. But if I were to step out of my comfort zone and try blogging about how your sex life could be improved by setting out to sea, new ideas might surface while doing that, and I might even develop a fresh style.

  1. Play Scrabble Or word puzzles!

There is no more enjoyable and fun way to practice -and- improve your vocabulary. A good vocabulary can spice up an otherwise normal article. I sometimes get all buzzy just from reading a powerfully-worded written piece.

  1. Do not fear, send out your articles

To get people to notice your articles and make money from them, you first have to get published. Unfortunately this usually means having to peddle your goods for free. One tip is to actually send out some of your best articles for free submission to article directories such as EzineArticles.com and ArticlesBase.com.

Millions of eyes peruse these sites every day and the exposure provided can do wonders for your portfolio when you actually try to sell your other articles. From the popularity and ratings provided by readers, you will also know what you write best, and the styles that can attract more readers. These inputs can go into perfecting your writing style.

There are, of course, a myriad of ways to write better, but the above-mentioned are what I practice regularly, and believe to be the essentials for developing an individual style that will get your articles published more and in turn, widely-read. So get on it and pick up that pen!


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