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Time Is Money – Are You Wasting Yours? 


The blogosphere is again rife with talk about the big G and another two formidable letters of the alphabet. Once the big guns come out blazing, rest assured it will continue for at least a week and attract everyone’s attention. My advice – if you want to make money online, try your best to ignore it. It will be a waste of time getting involved, within the realm of trying to maximize your money making results, I learned earlier. I worried but it did not change anything. Leave the issue to the SEO and marketing gurus. Why? It is much better for your bottom-line to use the time discovering and testing new ways to generate income. Time is money. So? Well, for starters, ensure that each passing second is geared towards an action that will produce possible income.

You do not have to spend every waking hour doing that. For those who have been struggling to get any results, start by allocating a couple of hours each day doing something that will put a few more cents or dollars into your pockets (or PayPal account, whichever).As I have suggested previously, there are many ways you can begin doing that. One tip – do not be too fast to frown on any method. For example, I am sure many will look at posting in forums for a couple of cents per post as beggar’s choice.

But the reason why I mentioned it is because: forum posting is EASY work it is FUN you get paid to do something EASY and FUN – what’s there not to do? Other benefits like networking and building additional contacts

Sure, the returns are peanuts. I would not even begin to argue with those who are having problems getting started making money online, dream of making that $1 million that so many hokey Internet Marketers lie about, and then chuck a method like this in the bin as leftover scrapings. Because I am happy to take up the little assignments they will not consider, and make my extra $10-50 a week from spending 30 mins to 1 hour a day doing something fun, while my other methods take time to develop. Start small, think big. Time is money.

Save your time, and you save more money – which in turn means you might have more over time. Save time by cutting down on activities which either do not bring any returns, or will give you diminishing returns. One area would be reading a large number of blogs every day, as Sean rightly mentioned. I still believe you need to read blogs, but do not overdo it. After your first month, do so with the main objective of building relationships. Concentrate on a handful of blogs to read regularly, the rest periodically. Basically, after the first month or so, you really should have all the basic knowledge you need to get started working on getting an online paycheck.

Another time saver would be to cut down the time spent creating blog posts. Unless your name happens to be Maki or Yaro, there is no need to make every post a feature. I thought so in the beginning – you know, good content is always the key right? Yes, it still is, but that does not mean you have to squeeze every last drop of brain fluid dry to produce one every day. Perhaps aim for two or three a month. Do not spend too much time on your research either.

Write from personal experience – that is easier and more authentic. Writing just a few great posts each month that will generate buzz over sustained periods would be more beneficial than worrying over doing it daily. Treat your blog like a resume. Sometimes it is better to reflect that 1-2 shiny portfolios instead of filling it with all the odd-jobs that you have accumulated over time. You should still get involved with commenting, social media and the whole networking thing. I still recommend it.

But again, when does it get unproductive? There is only so much reading and networking can do if those ideas that could potentially increase your bankroll are not worked on. Plan your time each day to include more activities that will bring in the cash instead. And if you just have to get involved with thorny issues like the big G, be positive – look at how to leverage on it instead. Sooner or later, someone else (it could even be you) will figure out how.


  1. Thank you so much for the precious advice. I felt that I have a lot of time to write more articles. I have allocated my Blogging timings and now everything is going cool.


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